Sunrise at TajMahal








I’m a blogger from Mumbai, India. Apart from being a full-time IT professional occasionally dabbles into lifestyle and book and travelling (after gathering much of savings). I started this blog as a fun hobby.

I’m a book nerd, TV/movie enthusiast, makeup rather skincare junkie, and wannabe travel nut!

I blabber about my love for books, travel, various skincare/beauty products and related subjects with the occasional blathering tangent… I’ve taken on blogging as a new hobby, hoping it ends up becoming one of my passions.

When I’m not working I’m drowning under a huge pile of books and making travel plans. I enjoy travelling, strolling through markets and of course…eating good food!

I hope you enjoy my blog.

If you fancy a chat or want to ask me a question, tweet me @booksnfeatherz

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