Travel Diaries | Santorini, Greece – Part II

First morning of our honeymoon, in a cave hotel, in Oia, Santorini, overlooking the caldera! Life couldn’t be any better.Read about our day 1 here.


We were woken up by someone knocking on the door. I opened up to find one of the staff standing outside telling me the breakfast has been served. He pointed to the table he had arranged with all the item we chose when we arrived yesterday. I look at the spread, smile from ear to ear and wake up wifey. I like my coffee hot and before wifey could join me I rushed out to take a sip.


Having had our fill of the fantastic food, the view and the breeze (oh! It was windy) we decide to walk it up to Oia. Our hotel was on the outskirt of Oia, sufficiently far from the centre to make it peaceful. But close enough to walk it up to the centre as well as the sunset point near Ammoudi bay.

Spring had just arrived and there were flowers blooming everywhere. The sun was mild and there was love in the air 🙂 We saw three weddings and preparations for the fourth underway.

That day we just walked around town clicking pics, taking in the beautiful scenery enveloping us and watching sunset from the overcrowded vantage point at Ammoudi bay. We wanted to leave all the stress of the marriage and the commute behind us.




Our sightseeing plan was not set, deliberately, to give us freedom to choose what we wanted to do together with the flexibility of combining activity with leisure.

And that’s why we decided to take up the suggestion of the cabbie who picked us up and take a tour. We were picked up outside of our hotel and transferred to a bigger bus in Fira. We then visited Akrotiri and Perissa beach. Akrotiri is thought to be one of the possible places where the lost city of Atlantis could have existed.

Capured Moments

Ruins of Akotiri

Santorini 01

A Stroll on the Black sands of Perissa Beach

Santorini 02

Little town of Megalochori

Santorini 03

After lunch at the beautiful Aquarius Restaurant, we took a stroll through scenic Megalochori; took in the panorama of the whole Santorini island at the Monastery of Prophet Ilias and ended up at Santos Winery for wine tasting. All along the way the guide gave us very good information about Santorini in particular and Greece in general; including the economic crises and how it is affecting the greeks. At € 70 pp the tour was a bit on the higher side and we could’ve avoided it if we had a few more days.


Monastery of Prophet Ilias

Santorini 04

The tour provided an option to catch the sunset at the sunset serenade point but since we had done it already we skipped it and came straight to our room. Grabbing yesterday’s champagne we plunged into the pool only to be greeted by the most spectacular sunset I have seen in recent time. What better way to end out time in beautiful Santorini that to watch the sunset from your private pool with the love of your life and two glasses of bubbly!

A Night Trip to FiraSantorini 05

Streets of Oia











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