Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick – Tesoro | First Impression

In recent trip to Sephora I picked up a product that has a cult following to it. That is a Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick, unfortunately I didn’t really find my shade as the stocks in Mumbai Sephora were very limited. However I was very excited to try this on.

Stila 01

As we all know Liquid lipstick’s can be pretty hit and miss as sometimes. My biggest turn off, in relation to lip products, are ones that are super sticky and tacky, which is why I enjoy a nice velvety or matte, better yet a velvety matte, finish. However this is jam packed with pigments in some cases more so than a good few lipsticks I own and delivers full opaque coverage without having to add several layers of product, one coat and you are good to go!

The shade I own is an Orangey Red in colour more similar to MAC Lady Danger.

Stila 02


There’s not really much I can say about the packaging of Stila’s All Day Liquid Lipstick’s it is really typical of a bog standard liquid lip product – transparent tube, black lid and a doe foot applicator which I’m not always the biggest fan of but due to its flexible quality. I have to hold it in high esteem and say it works very well with the texture of the product.It can get a bit messy since the brush picks up a lot of product.
Stila 03


The formula is a richer cream base with a velvety feel on lips. It glides on lips easily and a single stroke will provide instant coverage without having to go over your lip color several times. I find the texture very soft; easy to work with; and comfortably lightweight on. In terms of wear this is the product that keeps on giving it stays put even after eating/drinking for at least 6 hours which is when I noticed it fading but as it fades evenly you have a lovely stain. I wouldn’t say that it “stays all day,”. Not only do I love a matte finish, but I love one that is highly pigmented and opaque. If you have pigmented lips and have trouble finding a lipstick that shows up true to color, while covering up the natural pigmentation of your lips, this lipstick is perfect because one swipe of this is very opaque. The color is also buildable so you can make it as opaque as you like.

Stila 04

I do have to say that the formula can be a bit too drying at times and sink into the fine lines of your lips if you haven’t properly moisturized and exfoliated. Even though the color lasts for a few hours it can become and bit uncomfortable because of how dry it is. Also I didn’t particularly like the way it wore off Its not very pleasant. You will need an eye & lip remover to get it fully off as it leaves behind a stain once it wears away.


This is a big let down Per tube of this product cost Rs.1860 ouch . I would have wanted it around the same price point as the MAC one’s


Although the formula is a bit drying. I definitely think the pigmentation and finish are worth it. Just with a exfoliated lips and lip balm underneath you are good to go. The doe foot applicator also applies the product smoothly; and as long as you’re careful with how heavily you apply it; it goes on beautifully; otherwise it can get messy. If you want a long-lasting, opaque, and matte lipstick then this lipstick just might be up your alley! However very pricey product.


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