Being Nikki ~ Meg Cabot

Continuing the Sci Fi Airhead series with the next installment that is the Being Nikki. The first book in this series seemed fluffy but a fun read. 

About Being Nikki

Being Nikki by Meg Cabot

Series: Airhead #2

Published by Macmillan Children’s Books

Genres: Young Adult, Science Fiction, Contemporary

Ratings: 4/5

Super nerd Emerson Watts is getting to grips with life in the body of Supermodel Nikki Howard, and finding that the celebrity lifestyle is a lot harder than it looks. The bikinis are teensy, the heels are sky-high, and no one seems to care that Nikki’s life is on the verge of falling apart. With too many hot men chasing her, and too many big problems to hide, it’s up to Em to keep things together – even if her heart is breaking.

Initial Thoughts

Having read “Airhead” the first book in the series I couldn’t stop myself from wanting to know what happens next and decided to read “Being Nikki”.Being Nikki (1).jpeg

Review of Being Nikki


Being Nikki starts right where we left off in Airhead. Let’s me just start out saying that this novel was nothing like I expected it to be. I was expecting more of the Airhead plot… with Nikki balancing her new life, going to high school, being a model and trying to get Christopher to figure out that she’s really his best friend Emerson Watts! Needless to say, that is not what happened. It was better!

Em is well and truly entrenched in a supermodel’s Size Zero body . Life is a dizzying whirl of killer heels, designer togs, amorous boyfriends popping out of the woodwork and fashion-shows where she might have to prance about in nothing more than the bare essential bits o’ clothing. And while her brain may belong to a hoodie-wearing brainiac, her body and it’s reactions are(unfortunately and promiscuously) all Nikki.

While she is being forced to keep mum on the whole brain-transplant operation, she uncovers a few mysteries that threaten to burst upon secrets, whether Stark wants them to or not. And suddenly she discovers an elder brother, a missing mother and a revamped Christopher( the unrequited love of Em’s life) who seems have gone from mild schoolboy to super-villian intent on avenging Em’s untimely death.

The plot takes on a whole new spin! Being Nikki is definitely a step up from Airhead. We are introduced to Nikki’s brother Steven in this novel, and it was exciting to discover who Nikki really was and where she came from.


I was happy to see that all my favorite characters from the first book were present in this sequel as well as the introduction to some new characters, which I’m sure you will love! Especially Christopher’s cousin! HA!

It took me out of my normal drama-love-story zone. I liked it because of all the drama and emotions throughout the book. I really loved how Meg Cabot, the author, described every detail that happened. Especially how the author thoroughly described the relationships and Nikki’s personal view of the relationship. I could not put this book down once I started a new chapter. I disliked how short the book was. This book built up alot of suspense.

My biggest dislike is how there was hardly a climax. I expected something amazing or horrific or both to occur. I kept waiting to see if any new moods are presented but there wasn’t any. The events were mainly at the same intensity level. I was very surprised how the book gave a brief summary of the prequel, Airhead. It is however a drag to read about since I had already read Airhead, but I was surprised that Meg Cabot added a summary in there. If I had not read Airhead I would’ve been very confused on what was happening. Like I said, it was a drag to read the summary but to somebody who hadn’t read Airhead it would have been very helpful.

Closing Thoughts

Meg Cabot’s sequel is fun, well-paced and quite the page turner. If your looking for a great teen read; I will always recommend Meg Cabot. Her hilarious style and lovable characters will captivate your heart.

“Great. now i was starting to get jealous of myself.”


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