Consider Me Teezed!

I know most of the beauty bloggers out there know about the TANGLE TEEZER, but I just wanted to do a post about it in case someone didn’t! This is by far one of my favourite products I use on a daily basis.

Tangle Teezer 1

I have VERY damaged hair. I’m talkingthe damaged of the damage, haha. Now, the reason I mention this is because it gets tangled SO easily. My hair is also quite thick, so trying to brush through my hair when I get out of the shower is always a task-even when I deep condition it! It helps to reduce breakage and other damage that happens when you’re trying to forcibly brush through it.

Tangle Teezer 2
I came across this product @BeautyBay one day after a hair stylist told me about it. To see the BeautyBay link click here!

The first time I tried it, I absolutely COULD not believe it worked. For the first time in my life, I could brush through my hair with ease! EASE!

Since then, I use it EVERYDAY! TWICE A DAY! First when I get out of the shower (wet hair, obviously) & again before bed time (dry hair). It works equally well both times!

What I’m trying to say is I LOVE THIS! If you suffer from tangled hair, get yourself teezed, girl!


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