Harry Potter 15th Anniversary Edition Boxset Unboxing

There are books which just mesmerize you just suck you right into its world and might I say the world created by JK Rowling is epic.I started reading Harry Potter series pretty late as compared to others. I got sucked into this world during the book 4 i.e Goblet of Fire release. In my school days books like Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys and Famous Five fancied my reading. Then there was a null. It was this series that evoked my reading passion and grew it to its glory. I remember queuing up at a bookstore before the release Half Blood Prince at a local bookstore a day before my exam results. I remember the sleepless nights where I read these books under a blanket with my Nokia phone torchlight.

So when I was reorganizing my bookshelf I realized I’m missing like 3 books I was royally disappointed. Then after trips to so many bookstore seeing so many Harry Potter Boxset I wanted the collection again. However this time I wanted It to be more like a collector’s edition. One day when I was watching some bookshelf tours(*My fav pastime*) I absolutely knew which was the boxset I wanted. Then my birthday happened and there it was a perfect birthday gift by my dearest Hubby (*Thank U*)

Now coming to this wonderful Harry Potter Boxset

These Harry Potter Paperback Covers  are a part of the 15th Anniversary edition. The box itself is beautifully designed with new artwork by Kazu Kibuishi, and the books create a gorgeous, magical vista when the spines are lined up together. Not only that in each of the new cover illustrations he perfectly captures a pivotal moment from that specific book.

Coming to the book covers here’s the glimpse .

Harry Potter_25

Harry Potter_26

Harry Potter_27

Harry Potter_28

Harry Potter_29

Harry Potter_02

So that’s a perfect birthday gift to have and I feel this Harry Potter edition was worth the wait and thank you JK Rowling to ignite the love for reading in moi.


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